Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chicago Artist Pick: Phillip Morris

Back again for this weeks Chicago hip hop pick, If you're a listener of hip hop and love dope lyrics and great punch lines.... well don't sleep on Phillip Morris.

This guy gets it in, nice word play smooth lyrics....wait there more a stage show yes he can rock a crowd this guy is on point when he is on stage....(yes i seen him perform), the thing i dig the most about Phillip Morris is he still knows how to have fun with his music in today game of hip hop ...

OK yes he has a few song that's heavy on the brain but if you want water down hip hop stop here ...and go back to that same ole same.

Now that the fake hip hop fan are off and running we can go on.... Today's rappers seem to be stuck in a box of money,car,hoes...etc i found it refreshing to hear other topics in his music even the song "Show Me The Way (feat. Number 2)" which takes it's feel from The Doors song "Whiskey bar" show me that Phillip Morris is reaching for the next level.

Phillip Morris page link

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