Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chicago Artist Pick: Still rill

OK what's good I'm back again with my Chicago pick of the day.here in the music/rap game mainly here in the Chi-city you have a lot of rapper/MC who just don't have a clue on how to make good music for today listener.

So I'm checking out some reverbnation pages and like out nowhere this crazy keyboard sound starts coming out my speakers and the drums kicks in and I'm like OK who's this....

The artist is Still rill and the song was outta my mind (chicago crazy)              

Still Rill as an artist really has his thing together meaning his ideas for song content and performing it during the recording which gives that song the " it " factor you need in music aka that feel. (other rapper a lot of the time sound like their just reading the lyrics no feel at all)

Two songs i feel you can add to your ipod or mp3 players is outta my mind (chicago crazy) and too many hoes.


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