Friday, August 12, 2011

Scalping or Aftermarket tickets what ever you call it... it's the same thing.

If Live Nation cares so much about scalping, why are they selling you $235 aftermarket tickets? According to data shared exclusively by an executive at TicketsNow, the average aftermarket price on a Paul McCartney ticket in July was just that. TicketsNow is an aftermarket exchange owned by Live Nation.

And this isn't a one-time high or extreme situation, it's an average, which of course means that some tickets are floating into the $300s and probably beyond.

But McCartney isn't singing solo on this one. Not far behind is Katy Perry, whose aftermarket ticketing average is $211; and U2, which landed at $173 - average. Lil Wayne ($161) and Taylor Swift ($149) are similarly monstrous in the aftermarket.

This does not include paperless tickets, which cannot be exchanged on TicketsNow per Live Nation policies.

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