Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Would You Pay for This? Here's Blackberry's Music Strategy...


The following details on RIM's upcoming Blackberry Music service leaked over the weekend, both in the Wall Street Journal and 'Crackberry'. Would you pay for this?

(1) $5 a month.

(2) User chooses 50 songs to access anytime, on-demand.

(3) User then invites other 'BBM' friends to download the app and join the circle, and everyone on that circle can share their selected songs.

(4) All friends in the circle must be paying subscribers.

(5) Music cannot be accessed outside of the Blackberry smartphone - except if the device is RIM's Playbook.

(6) Overall, millions of songs are potentially accessible, with all four majors expected to come aboard (not sure of the indie picture)

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