Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flat Why Yes, That IS a Turntable.fm Room In My Pocket...

And just like that, Turntable.fm launched its iPhone app after a blink of private testing. Which means, lots of fun Turntable rooms on-the-go, and most likely, lots more users.

But how is it? It really depends on where you are. We've heard reports of 3G choppiness, especially in areas like San Francisco (where we've been testing). Our experience was pretty good on that mark, at least for the first few hours. But hook into a WiFi connection, and this becomes less of an issue.

In fact, this is almost identical to the web version, which is just fine for now. At SF MusicTech Summit yesterday, app experts were urging developers to make apps that did more than just translate web-based services. But in this case, a more-or-less direct translation is the perfect start, especially while the kinks are getting ironed out. Let's save the geo-targeted meet-ups and FourSquare collaborations for later.

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