Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beyonce Caught Blatantly Plagiarizing On Latest Video...


At least Joe Jonas had a reasonable defense, there was a debate to be had! But this is just... blatant. "This is plagiarism, this is stealing," said Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, whose 'Rosas danst Rosas' was basically lifted. "What's rude about it is that they don't even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it's a famous work."

And to put it in no uncertain terms, here's a comparison of Beyonce's latest video, "Countdown," with clips shot by De Keersmaeker. The comparison itself has already received a million views.

The Beyonce camp isn't admitting guilt. Rather, they're admitting 'inspiration' from the famous work. "Clearly, the ballet 'Rosas danst Rosas' was one of many references for my video 'Countdown'," Beyonce offered in a statement. "It was one of the inspirations used to bring the feel and look of the song to life."

Which translates into, roughly, "what the fuck you gonna do about it?"

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