Monday, December 19, 2011

Chicago Artist Pick: Sadius Nag

Ok ppl been a long time but here it is another one my Chicago picks Closing out 2011 is Sadius Nag

Yeah crazy name but this trailblazer has a lot good music. Especially in these times where hip hop music is at a copy cat kinda of stand still. It's always good to see a young artist push to make more than just so called "street banger".

Don't get me wrong i feel these songs can work well on any format street or radio but you can always hear the difference between the fakers and the artist that has something to say...."ya feel me"

I believe Sadius Nag has a real passion about the things he writes about, with songs like Young and Light me up. Now with that said my over feeling is Sadius Nag tryin' to making a push to a bigger a more main stream type of audience.

So the question is can he find the right balance between Street and Radio? gonna keep watch on this one now run with it....

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