Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Chicago Music You Should Hear...

Once again people on the job here now I want you tune in here on Chicago Rio.

Now a few weeks ago I'm out doing my thing and Slang Bang hit me up and was like "Yo have you listen to Chicago Rio yet?" and on the real I'm like Who?? cuz' i got a lot stuff on plate as is, So Slang tells me "Rio goes in hard just check it out".

Well i did...

That why I'm sitting here writing about Chicago Rio now.
Ok kiddies i got three songs i really want you to check out from Chicago Rio's page
focus here:

1.BILL COLLECTOR - Man this track let you know u better that bread ready for BILL COLLECTOR Chicago Rio rips it hard right from start no playin' here.

2.GUN CARD - luv this track here Chicago Rio show his skills here with them hood tales and not just that the smooth and clam way he spits them line paints a perfect picture of hood life.

3.SHE BE MOVING - Once again Chicago Rio and his crew delivery is on point, Now there are a lot of rapper but only a hand full of the can make a song. So take some time out and check out Chicago Rio add it to your collection... now do what u do!


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