Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicago Artist Pick: Nikki Lynette aka (The Small Wonder)

Happy new year all, Now let's get to it 2012 my first pick of the new year is Nikki Lynette aka (The Small Wonder). Now my friends when i tell this young lady got the skillz I mean just that, Nikki Lynette is not only just a rapper artist no no no my friends she's also a singer, producer, songwriter and the list goes on.

I myself was blown away with a few of her tunes it was great to hear a hip hop artist from Chicago take big bold steps with the blending of pop/rock with a hardcore hip hop/punk attitude in her music.

Now people don't let that fool you Nikki Lynette got lyrical flows and she can ride a track with the best of them and with the recent release of her mixtape, “Roses N’ Guns,” the hip hop punk rocker is shifting gears in a way that's gonna put her right in the fast lane, so get your cameras ready Nikki Lynette is on the move and she not waiting for anything.


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