Sunday, January 8, 2012

M.Y.S.H: Evan Coles

Music You Should Hear

My friends i want to turn you on to a young up and coming voice in pop/r&b Evan Coles What can I tell you... this guy can really sing and in a world of over produce music it's so nice to hear a artist work with his natural vocal talents.

Now the song i want you to check out is "Make Your Day" this is truly a feel good song. Evan Coles is not trying reinvent the pop/R&B wheel here so don't get hung up on that..., he's just getting his feet wet and in time i believe Evan Coles will become a major force in the R&B world and moving just a bit away from the pop side of things.

Evan Coles even roll the dice and covered Bobby Brown's 1987 classic hit "Girlfriend" he did a great job reworking the song to bring it to a new generation.

so if your look something to add to your mp3 player and pop/r&b is your thang well give Evan Coles a try.


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