Saturday, January 14, 2012

M.Y.S.H: Jo Jamez Band

Music You Should Hear

What's good my friends, I'm glad you came back for other music pick. This time i have something that's a little bit of Blues / Rock / Soul all in one. So let me turn you on to Jo Jamez Band.

Outta Southern California Jo Jamez Band approach to music is a blend between soulful blues and rock, kinda like what Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix was doing and you know how many great songs came from that right.

So believe me when I tell you this is the right path for Jo Jamez Band because it keeps the road open for many other songs styles to come in to play, which you can already hear in songs like "Love is Strong" and "Haddonfield".

"Love is Strong" give you more of a soul R&b feel and "Haddonfield" turns you around and hit with a more bluesy rock feel. Trust me my friends Jo Jamez Band is a band to keep your eye and ears open for I'm sure they will keep you jamming along.

So if you looking for something to add to your mp3 player give Jo Jamez Band a try.

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