Saturday, January 7, 2012

M.Y.S.H: Starar

Music You Should Hear

A love for music is essential in any musician and songwriter, and when it comes to musical passion Starar are as passionate as it gets. This sibling duo, Starar, have been lovers of music all their life and in her early teens, Jenna decided to teach herself guitar and Steven wanted to play drums. Now all they needed to complete their band was a bassist and keyboardist. So they took the positions themselves, Jenna was keen to play the keyboards and Steven was keen to play bass. The songs are brought to life with Jenna's sweet soulful vocal qualities, and harmonies make each tune unforgettable. Starar are also songwriters who write instantly appealing songs with lyrics that show of knowledge, life and love.

How do I tell you that Starar is maybe the best up and coming band/song writers out there, Oh I guess I just did well from my point of view it true. I sit through countless hours of songs uploaded by artist on reverbnation hoping to find that musical gem and believe me my friends... Starar is just that a gem.

The best way I can describe this band is maybe pop/rock and that's just because everything got to be label, but don't fool Starar offer so much more in their music something for everyone without sounding cheap.

If you are looking for something to add to your mp3 player check out Starar
song "Two Winners" and "Undercover"


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