Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hey, Hey ,The Blues is Alright : New Orleans Beau

Today my friends I want you to meet New Orleans Beau (Robert LeBeau Jr.) Lead Vocalist of the New Orleans Beau and The Big Easy Band

"Blues?" That's right some good ole' down home Blues, that clap your hands and stomp your feet Blues.

Well that's the feeling you get when you when you listen to New Orleans Beau's music. It's kinda like that old coat you just love to wear because it feel so so good.

Well the song i want you check out is that coat and it's called "Just Because" it's more of a ballet but well rooted in the Blues. New Orleans Beau really taps into the passion and the tenderness of this song and the way he sings the words is very heartfelt I'm sure you will agree.

For more info on show...ect check out his web site New Orleans Beau

BEAU is currently working on his new blues album coming to you soon…… so until then

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