Saturday, February 4, 2012

M.Y.S.H: Kendrick Jackson

Music You Should Hear

Ok my friends I'm back after a bit of time away so let get to it.
My first pick of 2012 is a R&B singer out of Detroit, MI awww yeah
Motor City....

So let me tell you about this tune call Quiet Place by
a multi talented singer, songwriter, producer Kendrick Jackson first off this song is for the Ladies and I notice Kendrick Jackson has a very smooth singing style and he keeps control of his vocal without doing all that extra vocal gymnastics,which helps keep you in the mood of the song.

Also the topic I believe is right on the money Ladies out there this song is your end of the day song. After work, after the kids are in bed, after everything is done and you are ready to chill this is the song for you.

Also to all you guys out there get this song and have it on stand by for your lady and when you see her having a hard day step up get the mood going with Kendrick Jackson's Quiet Place


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