Sunday, February 26, 2012


Music Your Should Hear

It's time for you to meet SILVER SOUND EXPLOSION

Ben on guitar and vocals, Kirsty on drums and vocals and Chris on the bass.

Back again I see, well let's do this...
Today I want you to Check out SILVER SOUND EXPLOSION A very Impressive band from Manchester UK. This group of rockers jumps right into the music scenes with a lo-fi minimalistic pop sound that seem to transport you to another time and place.

It's always good to hear a band that knows how to take their listeners to the edge of sound between smooth and rough without loosing control of the overall sound, SILVER SOUND EXPLOSION walks that tight rope just fine my friends.

Now the part you been waiting for....The songs.

SILVER SOUND EXPLOSION recorded two great songs "Sidekicks" & "Telephone Wired" with producer Fran Ashcroft recorded at Whitby Studios, Ellesmere Port.

So until next time here is two tunes you will really enjoy just let the sound wash over you. Hey you may never know SILVER SOUND EXPLOSION could turn out to be your new Sidekick.

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