Sunday, March 11, 2012

An appeal to Youth Street Culture!

BY: DJ MACKBOOGALOO (aka DJ Cooley Mack)

Rebellious youth culture, aka Pop Culture, at times, has been a highly positive energetic vibratory influence on the planet which has dramatically affected the course of modern human interaction & historic events. The 60’s Civil Rights & Anti-War movements in the United States, for example, are inextricably linked with the music & culture of the 60’s radicalized youth who opposed racial discrimination & selective service. American Black Music has especially been a mostly positive influence on popular culture through the years as it has evolved into different subgenres, such as Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, Rap & House/Techno Music.

Youth culture is a global phenomenon that has been greatly manipulated by the corporate media giants: Viacom, News Corp, Bertelsmann, Vivendi Universal, Sony, AOL Time Warner & Walt Disney. This sinister manipulation has been going on strong for the last 20 years, since the early 1990’s, and it has promoted the gangster/criminal element within Hip-Hop Culture. Despite the distorted corporate media hype, Hip-Hop Culture (break dancing, graffiti writing, rapping & DJing) has had an overall positive international influence on the streets that has fueled the broader “Youth Street Culture”. Its wide embrace reaches into other genres of urban music (House, Techno, Drum N’ Bass, Dubstep, Kuduro, Champeta, Moombahton, etc.) and creative activities, like skateboarding, raving & Parkour. Even though a dark ruling minority aka “Powers That Be” controls the corporate media & messages of major Pop Culture music icons, there does exist a majority of Youth Street Culture participants that have the potential to be become the vanguard of Consciousness on this planet.

“Consciousness” is the self-awareness that we are eternal spiritual beings, with unlimited potential, having a very limited human experience. Consciousness gives us the magical ability to manifest our inner thoughts into tangible external events & circumstances. By being Conscious, humans can tap into Higher levels of inspiration & supernatural abilities which are normally out of reach to them in their daily reality.

Our present limited daily reality on this planet is a “consensus reality” which favors the Powers That Be. We, in mass, have bought into an understanding of reality that was sold to us via the programming of our schools, churches, TV & radios, family, etc. This packaged consensus reality is not real. It is a controlled collective experience that we unconsciously agree to be real.

Consensus reality on Earth has been under the control of the dark Powers that Be for thousands of years, passed on from older generations to younger generations, parents to children. The spiritual teachings of David Icke have made reference to this fact by stating that “we have been programmed like a computer from the moment of conception.” He is right. We are taught not to question consensus reality. Thankfully, youth culture loves to question & challenge authority. Youth culture is the rebel in our society.

A turn today, by Youth Street Culture, towards Consciousness is a turn towards enlightenment that will effectively strengthen the brotherly bond between people in their local communities. This movement will empower the people to stand up for truth & righteousness in the face of fear & corruption, which are the tools of the dark Powers That Be. Youth Street Culture must urgently oppose the dark forces on this planet that are soon planning our human demise via a reduction of the world population by 80-90% using war, famine & disease, as documented by the eugenics documentary “Endgame” (produced by info warrior, Alex Jones).

Youth Street Culture has to shatter the illusion of our controlled consensus reality which has been destroying this planet, aka Mother Earth, via its perverted preference towards costly artificial synthetic technology that pollutes & harms, like fossil fueled cars. In contrast, natural organic free technology, such as the forbidden Free-Energy technology that Nikolai Tesla attempted to give us during the last century, could easily provide humanity with an abundance of clean & healthy resources to live harmoniously with Mother Nature. As of late, we have been warned by our Indigenous Elders (Dogon of Africa, Mayans of Guatemala and the Kogi Mamos of Colombia), via “live” Internet broadcasts, that Mother Earth may have to soon wipe her slate clean, primarily through natural disasters, to protect herself from man’s self-destructive ways. We don’t have much time to act before she strikes in self-defense.

These Indigenous Elders and others around the globe unanimously agree that we are in End Times, as we approach & pass the year 2012. In other words, our planet, as it rotates through space, coming closer into direct alignment with the center of our galaxy and with various star constellations, is completing a cycle of time which implicates that major Earth changes and/or changes to our human consciousness & DNA are coming due. Cutting edge world renowned researchers like David Wilcock, Mike Bara & Richard Hoagland (featured guests on George Noory’s nationally syndicated “Coast to Coast” radio show) have brought to our attention the confirming data that attributes High levels of oncoming Hyper-Dimensional energy to being the source triggering galactic changes. This is an issue that the academic community is afraid to recognize. The dark Powers that Be want to keep it on the hush-hush.

Cosmic change is even trickling down to a new crop of babies being born during the last 2 decades, who are growing up under the sway of Youth Street Culture. Many psychics, clairvoyants & spiritual teachers, like Drunvalo Melchizedek, have noted that today’s teenagers & children, born since the 1990’s, are “Indigo Children”. These are young individuals who are deemed to have special supernatural traits & abilities which may be of great aid to our human evolution during the challenging times ahead. The DNA of Youth Street Culture is encoded to wake up the more mature masses of people who are not aware to the changing world around them.

Youth Street Culture has a close & personal connection to a mighty cosmic force that is the intangible source behind all creation. That force is sound! Its vibration can create or destroy. If Youth Street Culture can turn toward Consciousness, break the illusion of consensus reality and learn the hidden metaphysical secrets behind the power of sound aka music, then humanity has a great chance of not only survival, but ascendancy to a much Higher level of living as spiritual beings. This is Roots, Culture N’ Consciousness!

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-DJ MACKBOOGALOO (aka DJ Cooley Mack)

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