Friday, March 2, 2012

Chicago M.Y.S.H: Scandalous

Chicago Music You Should Hear

Hear we go People... If you don't know well, let me turn you on to some real Chicago fire!!! Yeah that's right this Artist is so hot you can light your blunts on this heat. Who am i talking about you say ??? Come on... The one and only Scandalous

Now many of you know i tear through the web looking for good music to bring to you and man... did i find a hot one. From the South Side of Chicago give it up for

So let get into it, I checked out two tunes from this Artist the first is called "Fuck you tal'n bout" and was like WOW!!! Scandalous jumps right in on the track at the top i mean the song and the flow grabs yo ass and hold you until the very end which many artist just don't know how to do.

Scandalous presence just fills the room on this one ain't no way you can't feel it, i found myself hit repeat on this one no joke.

The second song is called "la la la la" ft. breathe this song has that R&B ballet feel but Scandalous switches up her flow to match this track perfectly and the background vocal is the cherry on top.

Bottom line these two songs would be a great add for you mp3 player playlist hey check it out for yourself...



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