Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Apr 4 2012 Figure, Reason Sounds with Finger Control, Available Now on iOS [Video, Preview]

Figure, the iOS app that’s powered by Reason instruments and effects, is now available on the App Store for US$.99 cents. The sound is Reason on your phone – literally, with the Thor polysynth and Kong drum machine, plus the Master Bus Compressor and side-chaining from Reason in effects. But the user experience is quite different. Introduced as something you’d use on the bus, this is really more about playing drums and making melodic gestures with your fingers, then tweaking those sounds and musical elements via X/Y touchpads. It’s a little bit like Korg’s Kaossilator and Reason had a love child.

For beginning users, this could mean a friendly environment to play with your fingers. But for more advanced users, there’s still enough open-ended room to work so that actual music talent might yield a very different result.


Drums, bass, lead synth

X/Y pad controls melodic figures, constrained by key

Adjustable controls for key, rhythm, tempo

Tweak as the songs play

More information: propellerheads.se/figure

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