Monday, May 14, 2012

Show Review of "The Laureates"

Well it's Monday and back to work my music friends, So this past Friday night I dropped in @ Quenchers to check out "The Laureates" a great four-piece band from where? Chi-City and you know it...

Ok...ok let not get of track here , I really enjoyed seeing this band especially at a venue like Quenchers good beer, free popcorn and a good size live room, Now I know some people my feel the live room gets a bit too loud but this didn't seem to be a problem for The Laureates. With their blend of guitar pop-rock and a driving bass lines their sound filled the room and seem to go over very nicely as i looked around the room of head bopping fans.

All i can really say The Laureates had a good set, not much talking from the band between songs but Hey we came to hear them Play not talk. Anyway the bottom line is if you can Check Out The Laureates these guys are putting in the the work and it shows

Check out the newest video form The Laureates

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