Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M.Y.S.H: Family Tree- Cool Guys Feat. B.Derry X Space Majesty

What good people i know it's been a long while since i made a post about a Music You Should Hear,
Well all I can say is good music is not always easy to find and also I've been busy ok ...lol.

Let's just jump right into this here... I get home check my sound cloud like i always do and i see i have someone new following my page so i click on it and see it a Hip Hop group from Pittsburgh called Family Tree 

So i'm like ok they have 17 song to pick from So i'm think do i really have the time to sit here but for some reason my eyes locked in on a song called Cool Guys Feat. B.Derry X Space Majesty From that first sample hit through filter sample and people i'm talking 9 seconds here i was like oh my!!! it took me back to when i first heard "Soul of Mischief - 93 Til infinity" I'm talking that golden era.

The lyrics was humorous and fun to hear and the flow from the MC's was in the pocket, I also enjoy the hook of the song it just rocked with the horn line without over doing it.

All i can really say is if you miss that era of hip hop when it was fun or you just want to hear some head nodding music give Family Tree a try.

Family Tree- Cool Guys Feat. B.Derry X Space Majestyhttp://familytree412.blogspot.com/

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