Thursday, May 30, 2013

M.Y S.H Jesse Lives - Electric

once again my friends DJE here I'm back with another post of Music You Should Hear just in case your new here (M.Y.S.H) is when i look beyond Chicago to see what's happening in music in other places... ok you got it.

Now today i'm turning you on to someone from the West Coast, the Bay Area oh yeah ....

That right i be checking music from all over....ha ha yeah,
Anyway people I want you to check out
Jesse Lives and this song called Electric... First off i'm like this video i'm just diggin the whole thing and this song yes i'm liking it.

Ok this is one of them songs you can have on while your cruising down the street or on the highway when your in the zone you know what i'm saying....yeah you get it!

Jesse Lives  keeps the flow mellow on this track not trying to out rap the beat but he gives you just enough to let you know the skill are there.
So check it out for yourself.


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