Saturday, May 4, 2013

M.Y.S.H: Amar Chi

Sup' people DJE here again with Music You Should Hear Today I want to bring to you AMAR CHI
a 16 year old hip hop Artist from Chicago... First off I just want to say with all the killing going on in Chicago it was nice to this video Amar Chi posted in honor of Hadiya Pendleton and DePree Mims.

In today music it's far too many rapper out there telling kids it cool do drugs and for young girls to twerk dat ass just a mess up cycle of people leading kids down the wrong path, Anything to get to get that fame right a lot of you grown rapper should be a shame of yourself spreading this kind of B.S.

Which brings me to tell you about Amar Chi and the message in this song, he speaks out against violence towards children at 16 year old this young rapper is standing his ground and doing something in the video he simply holds a sign with a question " Is there hope for the young generation ? " All I can say is wow POWERFUL!!!

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