Saturday, May 11, 2013

M.Y.S.H. Lili K

What's up people DJE here it's the weekend and it's time for Music You Should Here.

Lili K. is the charismatic 21 year old songstress whose name is quickly popping up in different circles around the Midwest. Her infectious smile is nothing compared to the reaction that people have upon hearing her sing. Her smooth and sultry sound is countered well by her quirky and energetic live performances with her band, The Secret Garden.

ok, here we go people I first heard Lili K on a song called "Get'em High" by St. Millie Lili K voice on that song was amazing so check that out as well. Back to Lili K this young singer has a strong jazz/ neo-soul sounds to her voice and with production from Peter Cottontale who seem to have his finger on the music vibe of the city, it opens the doors for Lili K and Peter Cottontale to explore all kinds of musical styles one can only wonder what's next for these two.

Well until then here something i like a song Called "Curtain Call"

Lili K's debut single off the EP Metal Petals
Produced by Peter Cottontale

For all booking an inquiries, please contact: info@lilikmusic.com

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