Monday, June 17, 2013

Chicago Hip Hop undergrounds spotlight....Emcee Suspense

B-Boy/ Graffiti Artist/ Emcee/ D.J./ Music Producer/ Musician/ Beat Maker/ Audio Engineer/ Manager/ CRNation#17.... people  i give Emcee Suspense 

Chicago... yeah everybody watching now but see before people start to forget a underground Hip Hop scene been here for long time can you say Chi Rock...?  Now this ain't no Old School vs New School  i'm just pointing out you have a lot raw lyrical M.C on the underground tip that make damn good music as well but don't get the spotlight so here someone you should know.

Emcee Suspense: 
take a moment to check him out

peep more music here datpiff

Chicago HIP HOP has always been here you just never looked for it until now...

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  1. Word up! thanks for the Support and Love! - Emcee Suspense... https://www.facebook.com/StreetEstablishmentRekordz

    also check me out on Soundcloud