Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chicago Hip Hop History: Tha PURPLE MANSION

By:Djjay Themagnificentone Mrclubbanga

J.M.D. (Just Making Dollars): An Englewood alumni and Founder of Purple Mansion est. 1984, along with my brother in hip hop D.J. Quick Hands (Co Founder of Purple Mansion who was the Radio Personality and Disc Jockey of radio station W.H.P.K. 88.5 f.m. Chicago).

The original concept and name was inspired and transpired from the Englewood High School's Colors which was Purple and also resembled a mansion. On day I called a meeting with D.J. Quick hand asking for his assistance with the concept, name, goal and movement of Purple Mansion. It was originally intended for all the B-Boy & B-Girl students of Englewood High School because, we had a talented family within,. Consisting of loyal and passionate B-Boyz & Girlz who were representing the elements hip hop while respecting it's culture! Not to mention... each individual had their own identity and was well respected not just from Englewood High but, from other schools as well as the streets.

With all due respect, please allow me to reintroduce the birth of those immediate Englewood high school students and Purple Mansion family members while given the "Acknowledgements, Credit and Honor! Angie (D.J. Quick Hands girl), Top Dog, Los Sconey, Doc, D.J. Dre, Skip "D," Little "T," Lady "D," Sweet "D," Get Fresh Tu Tu, M.C. Jamal (R.I.P.), "Lil" IRock a.k.a Little Englewood, Caution (tagga) and of course myself J.MD.

Being that this happened "29 years ago" …. I do apologize if you were a "Englewood Student" of Purple Mansion and I mistakenly forgot to mention your name.

Nine months later "(remember, I said nine months later)" D.J. Quick Hands suggested that we open our mansion doors and invite the other better half of those mentioned names who were already crew'ed up but, didn't attend Englewood High.

That's when we made the radio announcement on W.H.P.K. 88.5 f.m. on D.J. Quick Hands and Sir Ken Kan's Saturday show aired 12pm - 3pm. Given the second birth (generation) of non Englewood students a firm unified welcome to the family ... PURPLE MANSION 4LIFE!

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