Friday, May 8, 2015

Chicago's very own: LADY L

What's good with it people, today i'm going to tune you into LADY L of BME, Chicago hip hop on deck. Okay y'all here it is, I first saw Lady L a few years back when I was on the set of Chi Rio Presents: THE UNDERGROUND TUNNEL VIEW CYPHER 5  you couldn't help but notice Lady L off to the side ripping lines and kicking it in between takes, I've also seen her a few other things puttin' in that work, anyway let's get to it.

I'm really diggin the direction Lady L has taken with this song right here, it's called "HIP HOP" and it's like a throwback to a Chicago hip hop sound that's been missing for a while and it's good to hear a young up and coming M.C. take it on in such a skillful way, I got nothin but luv for ya Lady L, and this song has me
really looking forward now to see what next..? Well Until then Peep this video below and enjoy.



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