Friday, December 30, 2011

M.Y.S.H: Brian Plamondon

Music You Should Hear

Check 1,2,3 is this thing on?? ok my friends I got another music pick for ya
and this one is Country...what??? you say "DJE what do you know about Country music"?

Well nothing but what i know is a good song when i hear one and my friends Brian Plamondon has a few of them, but the one i want to talk about is a tune called "Let Me Down".

This song has all the great musical styling of the 60's and early 70's rock, It's like hearing all the best pop/rock song of that era rolled up into one great tune, now who does that...? Brian Plamondon and that's why i'm writing about him.

Now i don't know if that's the making of a good country song, but it's sure makes for a great tune to have in your music collection.


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  1. Thanks for the review. Much appreciated!!
    Brian Plamondon