Friday, December 30, 2011

M.Y.S.H: Liza Day

Music You Should Hear

Liza Day is an expert borrower. From Appalachian folk she borrows rustic textures and deadpan storytelling. From the margins of pop she takes a disregard for tired conventions. From classic rock she borrows a dash of grit and recklessness. From old soul and gospel she borrows the secrets of voicing urgent conviction with the most human of all instruments. It's all there, it isn't particularly tidy, and ultimately it's nobody's but her own. So then, here's the bargain: let her borrow your ears and a few minutes of your time, and you'll be glad you did.

Ok for my two cents Liza Day song "Chicago" is really a winner with me, this song has a great feel and sound not over produce.Liza Day music style is a welcome treat to hear in today's pop/hip hop driven music which is full of reuse samples drum machines.

The song Chicago fits around you like your favorite old coat so give your ears a treat and add this to your mp3 player.

see Liza Day live:
Thu Jan 26
The Hideout
Chicago, IL, US | 8:00pm


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